Simple Patio Covers Can Be Built Just Like This

May 31, 2019 @ 3:23 am

The kitchen is open to your viewing behind a granite counter and flat layered fieldstone. There is a large area of stacked wood for the wood fired ovens. You can watch your meal being made if you so choose. This is all sparkling clean and inviting.It was not noisy.

Tops of entertainment centers and stands shouldn’t be bare but they also should show! Often times homeowners pack on the pictures and collectibles too heavy leading to lots of beautiful items with no way to focus in on any. Less is more. Pick the items you want to keep or the ones that make the best statement or compliment the room’s decor. Make a select few focal points and let them stand alone.

R.: I’m the senior editor at Fresh Home and have worked on the magazine since its launch in March 2009. I play a key role in its direction, look and voice. Like our Fresh Home’s readers, I consider myself a can-do chick who knows how to swing a hammer, pull together a great outfit, throw a killer party, load up a paintbrush, and create a stylish, yet laid-back look for my home.

The pizza was quite tasty and was more than enough for the both of us with several slices left over to take home. The pizzas are all made with fresh made dough, imported Italian tomatoes, Grande Mozzarella, Locatelli Romano cheese and EVOO (It actually says EVOO on the menu, cute). The crust is thin crust, which is what we prefer. It had a nice wood /fire roasted flavor. The onions were caramelized and the mushrooms were very flavorsome and earthy. There are traditional toppings and gourmet toppings. The gourmet toppings include Broccoli Rabe and Sausage, Steak Philly, Eggplant or Soppresata. Other gourmet pizza offerings include Calabrese, Margaherita, Blanco, Regiano with the Reggiano theme appearing in several other areas of the menu.

Many Americans are said to be putting back a little more in savings than they did a year or two ago, when savings rates were actually in negative numbers. This ought to be seen as a good thing, since making purchases from money on hand means being more thoughtful about those purchases and not charging them on credit cards. Ironically, the media and the government want us to continue the ways of consumerism and buying on credit. But that just can’t continue for a number of reasons I won’t detail here.

You can get a great looking wood floor. Denver professionals can show you that you can place it in your kitchen, your hallways and even in your living room. Carpet flooring just isn’t as popular anymore because it stains and shows every single foot print. When you have a good quality wood floor, they stay clean and you can experience the joys of a wood floor like the rest of Denver and beyond.

But recently i started seeing articles about the “new” composting toilets and how homeowners were installing them in middle-America homes and office buildings. They’ve been a fixture (no pun intended) in Europe for a long time. Natural cuisine at home says this is the fastest growing trend in green building. What a radical concept! I had to investigate. Maybe we’d be using this in our next home.

In cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients, except club soda, with ice and shake. Strain into highball glass, add ice and club soda. Makes 1 cocktail.