Simple Patio Covers Can Be Built Just Like This

Self-contained units are also options, but given our lifestyle I don’t anticipate that an option. But you might. Whichever style you select, be sure to look for a toilet system that conforms to American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) composting toilets standards.

Bad Listings Sell. This is my favorite reason. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve had some of the nicest listings sit on the market forever, and some of the worst sell immediately. Go figure. There’s one thing I’ve noticed: When you look at the HUD-1s, they all look the same. I especially like the top line on page 2. How about you?

We all have choices when it comes to books some likes fictions, some like non fictions, some like biographies, some like travel books and so on and so forth. But at some or the other point of time we all liked food recipe books. The food recipe books are not only source of amazing cuisines but also good source of healthy cooking and good food habits. Definitely we all have some or the other food recipe book in our collection that helps us to experiment with all types of cuisine at home. World famous chefs share their secrets through the recipe books helping millions to cook excellent food.

R.: I’m the senior editor at Fresh Home and have worked on the magazine since its launch in March 2009. I play a key role in its direction, look and voice. Like our Fresh Home’s readers, I consider myself a can-do chick who knows how to swing a hammer, pull together a great outfit, throw a killer party, load up a paintbrush, and create a stylish, yet laid-back look for my home.

Is it possible that there’s a connection between the trend toward lofts and the one toward kitchens-in-bedrooms? Is it possible that people who live in their bedrooms, complete with kitchens, find happiness in the coziness?

The “over-priced” listing. This one is generally the polar opposite of the dog house listing. This is one of those sellers who has the best looking home on the block, and so he mistakenly believes that translates into a higher sale price. Maybe he’s spent lots of money on upgrades, a swimming pool, an in-ground hot tub, landscaping, an out building, and so on. He naturally assumes that since the money was spent on his home, it is a good investment. So he insists on pricing the home outside the reasonable range of value. Is this a bad listing? No!

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