It is good to have tiles in the bathroom but even the tiles should be plain and simple. If there are small flowery patterns made on these tiles, it is fine but they should look modern. Anything old-fashioned design on the tiles will not make them look good.

Is it a legitimate argument to say that 5Linx is a pyramid because the people at the top make the most money? What about Corporate America.donot the CEO and Vice Presidents make more money than middle management and entry-level employees? If you can show me a business where the people at the top are compensated less than the people at the bottom, then I will eat every word. So why is network marketing being singled out? If the same organizational structure is used in all business then why does 5Linx get labeled a scam?

Then some people have been in this industry for over 30 years. For them, achieving great wealth is easier because they have a lot of experience doing so under their belt. A newbie coming into the industry with no experience or training cannot expect to be on the same level playing field as a veteran network marketer.

Market presence. Your sign in the yard tells all the neighbors, and those driving by, who you are. You are branding yourself in that area. It’s like geographic farming only free and much easier.

To our right was a granite-topped bar with a wall of bottles. There is a flat-screen TV but not too obtrusive ad two more in the secondary room. Opposite that are the high tops. This gives you a casual hang out area to coordinate with the bar. Further in are the tables and then to your left in what is another room with more quiet tables if you want privacy. When we first got there at 6:30 on a Friday night the place was on the empty side but they have only been open two weeks and have yet to have the grand opening. By the time we left the place was quite full.

Leads. I’ve taken thousands of calls — sign calls, the cuisine at home calls, and website calls and inquiries from the worst possible listings. Often those over-priced homes that look so awesome attract hundreds of calls from other buyers who may never consider buying that listing. And leads are extremely valuable. Ask an agent that has none.

I asked Mark if he had any upcoming classes or retreats in Michigan and he raved about a retreat he did with the Michigan Quilt Network this summer. He said he had never been to a quilt retreat before and didn’t know what to expect. He was picturing a damp, depressing hotel in the middle of nowhere and a bunch of little old ladies who just would not “get” him and his sense of humor or his approach to quilting.

Network marketing is a performance-based industry. So if you don’t do anything you won’t make any money. If you do a little you will earn a little. If you do a lot, you will earn a lot. The ones who say 5Linx is a scam, simply put, are the ones who quit. These people are supercritical and look to find fault anywhere because they feel inadequate because they couldn’t make it work. They quit before they made any real money, so it will always be a mystery to them how to become financially free. The worst enemy of the person who tried and failed is someone who has succeeded. They are resentful and don’t want you to succeed where they failed.